“To play without passion is inexcusable!”


Pre-Exam workshops: 

  • to enable students to feel totally prepared for their exams
  • masterclass activities
  • performing under pressure
  • general knowledge development
  • specific practice strategies for final exam preparation
  • dealing with exam anxiety

Performance workshops: 

  • preparation for the annual recital or other major performance events
  • masterclass activities
  • discussions of special topics, such as
    • strategies for handling performance anxiety
    • focus on the stylistic aspects of a particular period of music
    • ensemble playing 
    • and more

Theory/Musicianship workshops:

  • intensive classes to help students fast track their preparation for online written exams
  • allows for much more thorough investigation of certain areas of the syllabus than can be covered in regular lessons
  • generally held during holiday periods 
  • may take the form of a revision workshop, immediately prior to exams

Pedagogy Workshops:

Advancing students are often keen to take on some young students of their own, but they need help with learning how to teach. Being able to play and being able to teach others how to play are two entirely different skill sets. From time to time I will offer workshops especially designed to help beginning student teachers learn how to teach. 

A small fee will be charged for these workshops. 


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