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Online Lessons

While there is no doubt that taking piano lessons in person is the ideal option, there are times when it is difficult to be physically present for a lesson. This could be due to:

  • severe weather conditions
  • transport issues (no car available, parent unavailable to bring a child)
  • mild but contagious illness 
  • being away from home for extended periods but still having access to a piano
  • living too far away to get to the studio

Online lessons via a video chat provider such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout provide a successful alternative to piano lessons in person. Thus far I have found Zoom to be the most satisfactory of these providers for lesson purposes. 

Here are suggestions for piano and pedagogy lessons. Click here for information on taking theory and musicianship lessons online. 

Equipment requirements are minimal:

  • a computer (with built in or external webcam, microphone and speakers) beside the piano
  • a fast internet connection
  • a Zoom account, a Skype account, a Google Hangout account (preferably at least two of these)

Some optional extras to facilitate the experience are:

  • a high quality external webcam
  • webcam software to enable use of multiple cameras (I recommend ManyCam.com - a free download is available)
  • a boom microphone stand (provides a place to suspend a webcam over the keyboard) 
  • an external microphone
  • headphones or external speakers

I use several webcams, to give you various views of the keyboard and my hands. Here are some screen shots of possible multicam views that you might see in an online lesson with me:

Piano lessons via Skype using webcam splitter software







Piano lesson via Skype using webcam splitter software







I use a microphone boom stand to suspend a webcam above the keyboard. The top down view is very helpful. 

Piano lesson via Skype using overhead webcam suspended from a microphone boom stand





See Maximising Your Lessons (this page is still under construction) for ideas on how best to prepare for an online lesson. 

Occasionally there are problems with a video chat provider, so it is helpful to have accounts with several providers (Zoom, Skype, Google), so that if one is not working, we can quickly change to the alternative. I am continuing to explore video chat alternatives and will post information here.

Click on this link for information on setting up for Theory or Musicianship lessons online.

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